Top 10 Neuro Pharma Companies in India

Top 10 Neuro Pharma Companies in India- Neuropsychiatry refers to a medical branch that includes both neurological and psychiatric disciplines and the treatment of both pathologies. Neuropsychiatry is also called neurology of behavior. The roots of neuropsychiatric disorders can be found in physical injury, psychological disorder, unspecified maturation, or potential side effects of other disorders. In order to meet the demand for neuro products in the Market in India, lots of Neuropsychiatry Companies in India are taking part. Here you will get the list of Top 10 Neuro Pharma Companies in India.


There is a rapid increase in interest in neuropsychiatric medicine and products. This expansion sought after is driving the pharma organizations to detail the new medication answers for better outcomes. Look for India’s best neuropsychiatric product franchise and be a part of investing. People look forward to the most effective and high-quality neuro medicine to achieve the best results from mental illness. So if you’re looking for the best Top 10 Neuropsychiatry Companies in India. So here’s the list of India’s top 10 pharmaceutical companies.

List of Top 10 Neuro Pharma Companies in India

Here you will find the top 10 Neuropsychiatry Pharma Companies in India. Which falls on the list of best Neuropsychiatric medicine manufacturing companies in India. All the listed companies count in the best Neurology product companies in India. They are a popular and famous name in the marketplace in India.

Cardimind- Top 10 Neuro Pharma Companies in India

Top Neuro Pharma Companies in IndiaCardimind is the leading first-class neuropsychiatric healthcare company to ensure reliable access to an affordable, quality, WHO-GMP and ISO-approved product in the public health sector. We are a mission-driven, socially conscious company dedicated to providing patients and public health providers with the best quality neuropsychiatric medicine. As India’s leading neuropsychiatric company, we also count in India’s top PCD franchise, pharmaceutical franchise, manufacturer, and supplier. Benefits to be the part of topmost pharma franchise company for neuropsychiatry medicine range.

  • Low-Risk Factor
  • Monopoly Rights
  • Good Profit Return
  • Low Investment Capital
  • Low Administrative Costs

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Neuroconinc has improved the lives of people with its reliable and effective range of medicines. The Company formulates Neuropsychiatric Medicine’s rich range of quality to treat people’s mental illness. As a customer-centric company, the company also focuses on customer satisfaction while supplying our high-quality neuropsychiatric medicines. Together with the company Neuropsychiatry Pharma, the company also introduced itself in India as the top pharmaceutical franchise, supplier, trader, and distributor. In addition, our company never fails to establish a good partnership with leading logistics partners and distribution channels. They ensure that all manufactured medicine is delivered on time.

Eridanus Healthcare- Reliable for Neuropsychiatric Drugs

franchise neuropsychiatric companyEridanus Healthcare has set the benchmark in exemplifying people with a wide range of neuropsychiatric medicines of excellent quality. This pharmaceutical company certified to ISO 9001:2008 involved in the production, marketing, and trade of high-quality neuropsychiatric medicines. Eridanus Healthcare offers a wide range of neuro drugs, including injectable tablets, capsules, liquids, dry syrups, etc. The PCD Pharma Franchise for neuropsychiatric medicines, products, medicines, and the range is high in demand and offers the pharmaceutical professional a good business opportunity. Since the demand for medicines for neuropsychiatry is enormous, many invest in this sector. Eridanus Healthcare holds the third position in the Top 10 Neuropsychiatry Companies in India

Pax Healthcare- Reputed Neuropsychiatry Franchise Company

neuro pharma franchise companies in indiaPax Healthcare Offers an opportunity to make your own career and set up a worthy business. The company offers a real business planning scheme. The essence of associating with Flax Healthcare is affordable pricing that is unchanged with quality. They are pushing their growth throughout the nation to make us one of India’s top pharmaceutical companies. Pax Healthcare is a renowned pharmaceutical franchise company name. The company offers an extensive portfolio of high-quality and affordable medicines that health professionals across the country trust. The Company is involved in the Pharma PCD / Pharma Franchise business and their most valuable assets is its Pharma PCD associates.

Maksun Biotech- Best Quality Antidepressant Manufacturer

Best Quality Antidepressant Manufacturer in IndiaMaksun Biotech organization is a global pharmaceutical organization associated with item advertising and assembly regions affirmed by ISO 9001:2008 and GMP. The company is sponsored by a group of experts who are fully committed to human health care. The Company provides medical services in various helpful sections. Their dynamic partnership is a consequence of its enormous collaboration, devotion, and workforce obligation. The company is supported by a profoundly aggressive group of specialists for whom they have been able to take an unparalleled position in the company.

Aden Healthcare- A Popular name for Neuro Medicine Manufacturer & Supplier

Neuro Medicine Manufacturer & Supplier in IndiaAt the premises, Aden Healthcare has developed a modern framework office that is fully coordinated with quality substance center points and assembly plants. The state-of-the-art equipment enables the assembly unit to transmit a massive range of pharmaceutical products while meeting all modern quality parameters. All the assembly systems the company follow in their organization compensate the most for the greatest return on the base time.

Jabs Biotech- The Foremost Company for Neuro Medicine

neuropsychiatrist pharma franchiseJabs Biotech is of Patiala, Punjab, the leading Pharma Franchise Company. Since 2013, the company has been certified WHO, GMP, and ISO offering its Franchise throughout the country.  The Company offers pharmaceutical professionals across the country a great business opportunity. Jabs Biotech provides medicine covering different categories of healthcare and ensures that all pharmaceutical requirements and demands are met. By producing and marketing international standard drugs, the company covers all horizons of the healthcare sector. The distribution rights for Franchise businesses are based on monopoly.

Stensa Lifesciences- Best Neuropsychiatric  Company

psychiatry franchise in indiaStensa Lifesciences is one of India’s leading and best pharmaceutical companies. the company is changing the pharmaceutical business with the right combination of inventive innovation and advancing social insurance offices. In changing the pharmaceutical industry once in a while, Stensa Lifesciences considers new and creative thoughts as her items and exhibits her colleagues ‘ procedures. Handwork, efforts, and time are spent on each item to ensure that it is unadulterated, protected, and of the best quality.

Syndicate Life Sciences- Best Class Neuro Pharmaceutical Company in India

pcd pharma in neuro psychiatricSyndicate Life Sciences  Pvt. Ltd. is a certified pharmaceutical company according to ISO 9001:2008. Their formulations inspire quality, virtue, and viability to new heights. Syndicate Life Sciences want to spread their blanket of quality service and highly trusted pharmaceutical franchise offerings on a monopoly basis to other arms of our nation to lead the pharmaceutical industry’s resonance of excellence. From the years The company has maintained its position in the Top 10 Neuropsychiatry Companies in India


You can choose any of the above-mentioned Neuropsychiatry companies in India to regulate your drug supply. On the basis of their GMP and WHO medical certification, DCGI approval, previous records, revenue return, market rates, ISO certification, and many other related features, we have listed these companies. The government authority approves them to deliver a rich range of quality medicines.

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