Top 10 Medicines For Loose Motion In India

Medicines For Loose Motion – One of the common stomach related problems is Loose Motion or also known as diarrhea, backdoor trots. In many cases, it doesn’t last for a long period of time as it ranges from a mild, temporary condition to a potentially life-threatening one. One of the main features of dysentery is abnormally loose or watery stools. To treat this gut-related problem we have come up with the Medicines For Loose Motion.

Many people frequently pass stools which are normal consistency and are not diarrhea. But loose motion consists of frequently passed stools which are of loose consistency. In most cases, it happens because of bacteria, viruses, or parasites. Using the right medicine in the form of Medicines For Loose Motion.

List Of The Medicines For Loose Motion

The problem of flux, diarrhea can happen to anyone, be it a baby, an adult or an old aged person. It can also happen due to a stomach bug or food poisoning and it can take up to several days to get resolved. There are some home remedies which can be adopted in order to get rid of this problem but one must try to use the Medicines For Loose Motion that can be used to treat Loose Motion.

1 Rifstric-400

Composition: Rifaximin Tablets

Rifaximin Tablets are linked with a class of pharma drugs called antibiotics/antibacterials that are used for the treatment of diarrhea that is associated with bacterial infections such as Traveler’s diarrhea. Usually, they are taken one tablet twice a day for a time period of 15 days. This is very effective against gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.
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Medicines For Loose Motion

2 CILCIP-500

Composition: Ciprofloxacin Tablets


These tablets are associated with the class of pharma medicines called antibiotics that is recommended in case the loose motions are more frequent than usual. They are also given if the diarrhea is accompanied by cramps or nausea. The kind of diarrhea that is treated consists of Shigella enteritis Travelers’ diarrhea. Along with treating backdoor trots, they are also used to treat a wide range of bacterial infections. Usually, they are taken on a tablet once every 12 hours. They are bactericidal in nature that works by killing the bacteria that cause the infection.

Medicines For Loose Motion

3 LOPAMIDE 2 – Medicines For Loose Motion

Composition: Loperamide Hydrochloride Tablets

Loperamide Hydrochloride Tablets is an antidiarrheal medicine that is the best medicine for loose motion in India. They are usually used to treat diarrhea in cases of Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Short Bowel Syndrome. They work by decreasing the overactive bowel movement, and they also solve the issue of sudden diarrhea. These tablets are gastrointestinal medications which is primarily used to treat acute diarrhea or loose motion. This process helps to give more time for the food to get absorbed in the body and more fluid gets retained in it so that the individual doesn’t run out of energy.

4. Lomotil

Composition: Diphenoxylate Hydrochloride And Atropine Sulfate Tablets

Atropine is linked with a class of pharma drugs called anticholinergics and therefore they work by decreasing the bowel motility and also the secretion that happens in it. Diphenoxylate on the other hand is connected with the class of medicines called antimotility drugs as it reduces the peristaltic movement in the intestines. Having all these features makes it the top medicine for treating loose motion in India. Working together Diphenoxylate Hydrochloride And Atropine Sulfate Tablets acts very well to treat loose motion.


Composition: Alosetron Hydrochloride Tablets

LOTRONEX is a very effective pharma drug for treating diarrhea, dysentery and other related gut-related problems. They act as a serotoninergic neuroenteric modulator that is used to treat severe diarrhea. Along with diarrhea, they are also used to treat IBS which is normally faced by women. Although this medicine doesn’t treat the problem of flux, they are still used to manage it very well as they provide long-lasting relief from the same issue. It is also very effective in providing relief from the issues of IBS such as abdominal pain, sudden urges to have a bowel movement etc.

6 Mytesi

Composition: Crofelemer Tablets

They are one of the best medicines for treating Loose Motion in India. They are linked with a class of pharma drugs called antidiarrheals and they work by decreasing gut motility. These are usually prescribed to treat diarrhea that may be caused due to the usage of antiviral medicine such as using HIV medicines. Although it must be noted that they are not used to treat diarrhea that may be caused due to an infection. Generally, this works by preventing water and minerals from entering the intestines which causes the stools to become more solid.

7. Neomycin

Composition: Neomycin Tablets

This medicine is linked with a class of pharma drugs called antibiotics (aminoglycosides). They are the best tablets to treat loose motions in India. They work by killing the bacteria in the intestines that basically cause the hepatic coma. They also stop the synthesis of essential proteins that are required by the bacteria to carry out their vital functions. It is having a broad-spectrum activity against various aerobic Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. This is one of the best loose motion medicine in India that cures the stomach issues that lead to loose motion.


Composition: Bacillus Clausi Tablets

BACISEP is basically a probiotic that reestablishes the gut flora which then further helps to control diarrhea. In most cases, it is used to treat severe cases of diarrhea and IBS. Usually, they are taken on an empty stomach or about an hour before the meal. They are very effective to treat the imbalance/alterations of intestinal bacteria that may be there due to diarrhea or Loose Motion. Along with it, they are also utilized during the treatment of diarrhea or during the course of therapy with medicines such as chemotherapy or antibiotics. They carry utmost importance for those individuals who are experiencing gastrointestinal problems such as flatulence and irregular bowel movements.

9. Redotil

Composition: Racecadotril Capsules

Racecadotril is connected with a class of pharma drugs called enkephalinase inhibitors/antidiarrheal that is used in the treatment of acute diarrhoea. They work by degrading the endogenous enkephalins and it also decreases the hypersecretion of water and electrolytes into the intestinal lumen. These are to be taken as per the prescription of the concerned healthcare expert who will look after the complete treatment. Racecadotril is a prodrug that gets converted into thiorphan which then acts on the epithelium tissues of the small intestine and helps to decrease intestinal hypersecretion.

10. Octawell-50

Composition: Octreotide Acetate Injection

Octreotide Acetate Injection is linked with the class of pharma medicine called synthetic analog of somatostatins. This injection is one of the best medicines for treating loose motion in India. The release of many gastrointestinal hormones like vasoactive intestinal polypeptide, insulin, glucagon, and secretion are regulated by using this medicine. This process then helps in the gastrointestinal absorption of intestinal fluids and also electrolytes and also decreases the smooth muscle contractility and small bowel motility. This pharma drug is utilized for the treatment of chemotherapy-induced diarrhea.


Most of the time diarrhea happens due to some kind of infection which varies from person to person. The most common types of infection which causes loose motions are viral gastroenteritis, food poisoning, traveler’s diarrhea, or it may also happen because of stress or anxiety. All the above best Medicines For Loose Motion In India are time tested by a good number of doctors who are working at the top levels of authority at various respective levels across the nation.