PCD Pharma Franchise Frequently Asked Questions

PCD Pharma Franchise Frequently Asked Questions

PCD Pharma Franchise Frequently Asked Questions – Pharmaceutical is a leading sector amongst others since medicine is the need of every second person. In the pharma sector as per today scenario the PCD Pharma franchise is a one of the popular business concepts that opt for by many pharma professionals. It has many benefits that is why people choose to start a PCD business. It is a simple concept but some people who are new in the pharma sector always ask some common questions about some, thus to help those we have written this article on PCD Pharma Franchise Frequently Asked Questions (PCD Franchise FAQ’s).

For those who have doubts or having a doubt about the franchise business they must read this article on top PCD Pharma Franchise Frequently Asked Questions (Pharma Franchise FAQ’s). In this we have mentioned each question which we think most of the pharma professionals have.

PCD Pharma Franchise Frequently Asked Questions


Mostly Used Frequently Asked Questions For Pharma Franchise Business With Answers

What is a Brief Explanation of PCD in the pharma market?

PCD is an abbreviation for Propaganda Cum Distribution, which means that the owner of this firm has the authority to advertise and sell the products that belong to other pharma companies. In general, the pharmaceutical franchise industry adheres to the laws and restrictions established by the firm that distributes the franchise.

Is There any Difference Between PCD and Pharma franchise?

There is no substantial difference between PCD Pharma Franchise and Pharma Franchise Business since PCD covers a much smaller territory while the pharma franchise covers a much larger area. However, both are concerned with the same pharmaceutical items that are offered by the same firm.

Can I Start a PCD Pharma franchise business with 10000 rupees?

Ans:Yes, you can start a pharma franchise business by investing just 10000 rupees. However, it depends on the pharma company as some are allowing the professionals to start a business with a minimum 8,000 while others set a minimum of 25,000. 

Which are the basic requirements to start a PCD Pharma franchise?

By the way, to start any business in India you need to get a GST number, if the business is linked with the medicines or pharma products then Drug licence is also mandatory. 

TIN number is also mandatory to start any kind of pharma business.

How The Pharma Franchise Business Is Better Than The Job?

Having a own business is superior in all scenarios, however when compared to a job, business clearly outperforms owing to characteristics such as.

  • A person establishes himself as their own boss.
  • Complete control over the overall profit.
  • Determine your goals for your own venture.

Is There a Specific Sales Target?

Although many pharmaceutical businesses do not have a defined sales objective. However, few businesses establish a sales objective that their customers must meet. Furthermore, organisations provide rewards to customers based on product sales, which increases customer excitement.

What are the Benefits of Starting a Pharma Franchise Business?

Here are some major benefits which are every can enjoy while starting and then running the pharma franchise business;

  • It can be started with low investment.
  • PCD business provides high growth.
  • It is a low risk business.
  • There is a huge profit margin.

What Are Monopoly Rights in the Pharma business?

Companies provide their pharma franchise business to more then one client in a single area as well as provide the products to  other pharma professionals in the same area. However, monopoly rights ensure the pharma franchise holders they will be the sole proprietor of that pharma franchise business in their area.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for PCD Pharma Franchise Venture?

There are some basic eligibility that you should have and show to the pharma company in the case they ask. However, usually companies do not ask about these. You must have;

  • Experience of 2 to 4 year in pharma sales.
  • Pharma background is a must for starting a own business.
  • You must have a well recognized degree or diploma in pharma.


We hope these PCD Pharma Franchise Frequently Asked Questions (PCD Pharma Franchise FAQ’s) have helped you in clearing your doubts about pharmaceuticals franchise business. We at Asterisk Laboratories being the top pharma company also offers the best PCD Pharma Franchise Opportunity in India, so if any person is interested in collaborating with us can contact us by