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AXTAM  is a fusion of Piracetam tablets that have been most usually used to treat breath-holding episodes, seizure disorders, dizziness, a learning problem characterised by trouble reading, and a movement disorder frequently induced by antipsychotic medicines. Piracetam is a nootropic medication that increases communication between nerve cells by enhancing the activity of a chemical messenger. It also defends the brain and nerve system from oxygen deficiency. Piracetam also helps to prevent memory loss and improves the capacity to have a sharp and active mind.

Precautions For Piracetam Tablets

Piracetam tablets should be taken after having a meal to avoid any kind of stomach upset. Take it before going to bed to avoid sleepiness during the day. Avoid operating heavy machinery and take this medicine daily for better results.

Side Effects Of Piracetam Tablets

Piracetam tablets may cause some side effects which do not need any kind of specific attention. However, if the patient faces any kind of unusual effect then meet the doctor immediately and explain each side effect which is faced by the patient.

  • Nervousness
  • Weight gain
  • Abnormality of voluntary movements

Contact For Piracetam Tablets Manufacturing And Supply

Asterisk Laboratories is a kind platform for dealing with quality pharma products for franchise businesses. The company is an ISO certified Piracetam tablets manufacturer and supplier in India. We work as per the norms set by WHO and GMP to match the global standard of the products. Moreover, we are offering all kinds of DCGI and FSSAI approved quality pharma products at reasonable prices. We also provide the PCD Pharma Franchise for Piracetam tablets with complete monopoly rights and other benefits.

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